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Blanche Maze

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Deadliest of Bonds

The cover is revealed! The art was done by the amazing Gina Hilton and the font design by Hemaris Graphisme. I am absolutely in love!

Ebook pre-orders are up now!

Ever since the Royal Guard took her away from her small village, Thea’s life has been nothing but chaos.

Now, she’s out of the palace, but not out of danger. Haunted by grief, anger and a dangerous thirst for revenge, Thea is determined to take down the people responsible for her pain. With the help of Fyreen, her mother and unexpected allies, she sets off on a quest to find an ancient artifact that could be their salvation. But Rogan isn’t done with her just yet and the strange bond they now share could jeopardize everything.

Will they find what they need before Rogan finds her?


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About Me

I was born in 2001 in France and still live there. Even if French is my first language, I've never been able to write properly in my mother tongue, which is why I now write novels in English. I started writing You Owe Me initially in 2018 but considered publishing it in 2020 and with the help of French self-published authors, this project is now a reality.
I'm a huge bookworm who reads mostly fantasy but besides that, I'm currently in vet school. Being a vet has always been my dream but writing and reading are very important to me as well.


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